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Application scenarios

After the construction of the platform, KKG will be integrated with KKGame. Game companies and players who join the KKGame Platform make up the entire ecosystem of KKGame.

KKGame Token is circulated in the system and can be exchanged for the game gold and related competition registration. Game products: The first products that use this technology include: Pengyouzhuo Poker Texas, Pengyouzhuo Doudizhu, Pengyouzhuo Hongheidazhan, Pengyouzhuo mahjong and WePoker (to exchange for game gold). Many more games will be seen on KKGame Platform.

Technical core

In the early stage, the side chain was created based on Ethereum, where the business layer was built. It avoids the disadvantages of the consensus mechanism of Ethereum at the present stage and the complexity of service encapsulation at the business layer, and fully realizes the business function of the public chain in board games.

Independent operation of the chess and card public chain is finally completed, and the side chain converted into the gateway from Ethereum to the chain. Players and operators in the chess and card games see unequal position, as well as opaque information and processes. The smart contract at the business layer will solve this problem.

The smart contract at the business layer closely related to chess and card business are handled at an independent business layer with higher speed and lower position relevance. The relevant data of the card game are all handled by the smart contract at the business layer, with the process more open and transparent. Both manufacturers and players thus keep the logic of the game at the consensus nodes and are equal in position.

About KK GAME Foundation is an operations team in technology development for the global board game market. With rich experience in game algorithm and technology, a large number of technical experts in the industry and authoritative technical consultants, it provides underlying technology engine and scientific algorithms for multiple game platforms across the world. Global Decentralized Board Game Based Ecological chain is a topic on which conducted research in depth over the past year. The idea to use decentralized technology puts the dealing mechanism of the board game into perfect application, removes many uncertainties, human interference and other technical difficulties, and enables the game to be more fair and transparent. KKGame has a team of more than thirty members, with dozens of senior technical developers and average working experience of 6 years. It has developed nearly ten on-line board games


Simon Li

2006-2009 Master of Information Technology and Systems (IT/IS) graduating from Western Oregon University, USA American Chinese, titled an outstanding youth in the university by the State of Oregon, involved in the artificial intelligence laboratory development for Google. Currently, he is an infrastructure architect at the project R&D center.

Ken Liu

Ken Liu is an investment consultant and entrepreneur. During the 16 years in Australia, he set up Keeep Pty Ltd., a startup in the warehousing industry, and Lacrae Pty Ltd., which helps high-quality medium and small brands enter the foreign market based on new media and channel model. Ken also serves as a consultant for the pension industry and provides diversified management and consulting services for high net worth individuals and listed companies in mainland China. Ken is the chief executive of start-ups, a headhunter for management, and a former employee at Rabobank. He obtained the bachelor’s degrees of commerce and science from the University of New South Wales, Australia. He specializes in finance and psychology with bilingual competence (English and Chinese).

Alex Sharp

Technical director at OrionVM, working mostly on analytics and system design. Worked on the analysis of OrionVM's DSAN based storage system and network virtualisation layer. Collaborated with Joseph Glanville on hardware optimisation models. Designed and implemented the command and control plane of OrionVM. Designed, analysed and optimised the systems architecture for OrionVM's wholesale platform.

Tim Clancy

Named "Jiang Tianwen" in China, he is from Sydney, Australia, with a master's degree in clinical medicine from Zhejiang University, and four bachelor’s degrees in power engineering, computer engineering, engineering management, and so on. He is now a representative of the international volunteers at the G20 summit, and an endorser for the government such as the Tourism Image Ambassador for Zhejiang Province.


He has been an entrepreneur for 18 years in the digital area. Alex has built and developed the web-based interactive travel guide with Webcity, France's largest online poker room Winamax, and Chillipoker. Alex has also established the world's authoritative poker ranking – Global Poker Index (GPI), and the Global Poker League (GPL), the first of its kind involving top players from around the world.

Raymond Wong

Malaysian, graduated from New Zealand IAL Computer Science Profession. He has involved in chess and board games industry for 13 years since 2004. In 2014, he assisted WPT to setup the first Poker Room in Jeju Island, South Korea, the next year 2015, he officially joined WPT and responsible for the Asia Market Development and Extension of its brand and events.In 2017, he is responsible for brand development and implementation of GPL Global Poker League in China.